Tours to Armenia, Nagorno-Karabakh (Artsakh) and Georgia

Trips to Armenia, Nagorno-Karabakh (Artsakh) and Georgia

 This section of our website presents individual and group classical, wine, extreme trips to Armenia, as well as trips to Nagorno Karabakh (Artsakh) and Georgia from Armenia.

Our aim is to present our wonderful country to our guests, to organize high-quality tours in Armenia for the tourists, regardless the tour prices.

It’s cheap with us, we have the most honest prices! We do not resell tours and excursions. We offer our own tours without intermediaries. Save your money with us!

Regardless of the tours presented on the website, we are ready to work with you to plan your own options of tours in Armenia and the places you would like to visit.

Cheap tours to Armenia

Cheap trip to Armenia – a weekend tour (3 days/2 nights)

If the holiday is still far away, but you want to have a rest and spend an unforgettable weekend, we offer you an amazing weekend tour to Armenia to run…

from 140 $
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Cheap tours in Armenia - Excursion trip (5 days/4 nights)

Cheap tour is the dream of every tourist. We present you our five-day budgetary trip in Armenia. If you want to spend a full day of sightseeing in Armenia, then these tours are designed...

from 260 $
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Budget tour packages - UNESCO Objects in Armenia (6 days)

Armenia is a country with a rich history, fabulous nature, dazzling sun, majestic mountains and hospitality. It is included in the list of six ancient countries that have managed to…

from 350 $
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Cheap trip - Holidays in Armenia (5 day/4 nights)

Since nobody wants to spend his weekends at home, we offer you to spend your holidays in Armenia. Here you will spend a wonderful time and at the same time…

from 239 $
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Classic tours to Armenia

Classic tour in Armenia (3 days/2 nights)

If you have decided for the first time in your life to rest in Armenia and get acquainted with its sights, the classic tour in Armenia for 3 days is just for you. Of course, three days is not enough to...

from 190 $
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Vacation in Armenia - Classic tour (5 days/4 nights)

If you have only 5 days and you plan to spend your vacation in Armenia, choose a program of classical tour to Armenia. During the vacation in Armenia you will…

from 330 $
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Travelling to Armenia - Sightseeing tour to Armenia (7 days)

Armenia is a country with a very ancient history and centuries-old traditions. During the travelling to Armenia, you will see a magical world, where the story gets even into wrinkles, where...

from 500 $
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Armenia tour package - Classic tour (10 days/9 nights)

Armenia, Armenia, Armenia ... A country that steals the hearts of anyone who has been there once. Because it is impossible not to submit to the beauty of the nature…

from 680 $
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Wine tour to Armenia

Wine weekend tour in Armenia (3 days/2 nights)

If you are a wine connoisseur and currently looking for new impressions and experience, then acquaintance with the rich history of Armenian wine-making will become a highlight for you. Armenia…

from 210 $
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Cognac & wine tour to Armenia (4 days/3 nights)

Armenia is one of the most ancient civilizations of wine. A few years ago in Armenia (in village of Areni) winery was found where wine was made more than 6,000 years ago. Cognac & wine tour to Armenia is a special section...

from 300 $
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Armenian Wineries: Wine tours & Tastings (5 days/4 nights)

Armenian wineries have a history of several thousand years. Favorable climatic conditions contributed to the development of viticulture, so even for those who do not consume alcoholic beverages, the wine…

from 390 $
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Wine tour in Armenia (7 days /6 nights)

Wine origin is disputed by many countries, including Armenia. It is known that the oldest winery in the world was found in the village of Areni, located on the banks of the Arpa River in the cave Areni-1. It produced wine for over six thousand years ago. Cognac and wine are part of ...

from 540 $
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Tours to Armenia and Nagorno-Karabakh (Artsakh)

Tour Package in Armenia and Nagorno-Karabakh (Artsakh) – 6 days

"Explore Armenia" invites your attention to our new 6 days tour package in Armenia and Nagorno-Karabakh (Artsakh). During this cultural and historical tour you will have a unique opportunity to…

from 379 $
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Tour to Armenia and Nagorno-Karabakh (Artsakh) – 7 days/6 nights

We offer you to take a week-long tour to Armenia and Nagorno-Karabakh (Artsakh). During the historical and cultural tour you will have a unique opportunity to visit the most interesting…

from 429 $
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Combined tours to Armenia + Georgia

Tour in Armenia and Georgia - 7 days/6 nights

Dear friends, this is for them, who love to travel. You have an amazing opportunity to visit 2 unique caucasian countries during the week. We offer you combined tour in Armenia and Georgia.

from 360 $
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Caucasus tour to Armenia and Georgia - 8 days

Armenia and Georgia are two christian countries with amazing people who honor their own history and national traditions, have so many common things to share, but at the same time…

from 370 $
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Hiking (trekking) tours in Armenia

Hiking and trekking tours in Armenia (5 days / 4 nights)

Hiking is the most active form of recreation which involves movement across rugged terrain of varying complexity. It can be forests, fields, mountains. Hiking and trekking in Armenia is an immersion in the beauty, purity and silence of our nature.
from - $
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Walking tour in Armenia. Trekking “To the origins of civilization”

Armenia is an ideal place for active recreation and lovers of hiking tours (hikes). Trekking in Armenia will amaze you with beautiful mountain landscapes and a large number of historical…
from 495 $
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Extreme (active) tours in Armenia

Ballooning - Adventure, extreme tour (3 days)

Tourism in Armenia has a great potential and is recognized as a priority direction of the economy. Along with classical and wine tours, the active form of tourism is becoming…
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Extreme tour to Armenia (4 days/3 nights)

Leisure activities are increasingly gaining popularity among tourists. Extreme tourism to Armenia or as it is also called - adventure tourism, is also growing. Armenia is full of activities for…
on request
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Extreme – Hiking (climbing) mount Aragats

Days are gone, when a mountain hiking was given to specially trained people. If you are interested in an active recreation and travel to beautiful places and want to test…
from - $
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Jeep tour in Armenia (7 days)

Jeep tour in Armenia (jeeping) - a trip on off-road vehicles on mountain trails of Armenia. Off road in Armenia is a mass of positive impressions and emotions. Plus-adrenaline and a sense of extreme sports.
from 850 $
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Horse Tours in Armenia

Author's tour: horse trekking in Armenia (7 days)

The animal and plant world of Armenia is unique and original. The reasons for such an amazing biological diversity of this region lie in its special geological location. The flora…
from 760 $
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Birds watching (ornithological tours, bird watching) + Entomological tours

Bird watching in Armenia. Birding tour (11 days)

Ornithological tourism is bird watching or “birding”, one of the areas of eco-tourism, aimed at exploring little-known corners of nature. In this regard, Armenia is a real find for an…
from 1400 $
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Birding Caucasus - Birdwatching in Armenia and Nagorno-Karabakh tour operator in Armenia offers an ornithological expedition - Birding Caucasus - birdwatching Armenia + Nagorno-Karabakh (Artsakh) - a unique opportunity to travel on a specially designed route. It…

from 1520 $
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Bird watching in Armenia: forest fauna

Touroperator in Armenia "" offers bird watching for bird watching enthusiasts: Bird watching in Armenia - ornithological tour - forest fauna - 4 days / 3 nights. The forest ornithological…
from 460 $
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Wet Birdwatching tour (4 days / 3 nights)

The wetland fauna of Armenia, one of the components of the republic's ornithological tourism (bird watching or "birding"), is so revered by amateur or professional ornithologists. Armash ponds and Lake…
from 430 $
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Bird watching in Armenia: alpine and steppe fauna (4 days / 3 nights)

Alpine and steppe fauna of Armenia is original and unique. As a rule, fans of ornithological tourism of the republic (bird watching or “birding”) first of all ask about the habitats of the Caspian snowcock, black grouse, mountain finch or steppe predators.
from 465 $
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Entomological tour. Invertebrates of Armenia (15 days)

The ecological region of the Armenian Highlands is considered a kind of "biological melting pot". Here, in one space, natural artifacts coexist, which can no longer be found anywhere in…
on request
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