Armenia is a country
to fall in love with!

Team building in Armenia

Teambuilding in Armenia

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You may choose any travel date, convenient for you. The tour runs from May to October.


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We have much cheaper prices, since we offer our own services,we do not recell tours.

Team building is a new concept in tourism. "ExploreArmenia" tour operator offers active (sports) team building in Armenia - a test for unity within the team.

 Active team building in Armenia solves the following tasks:

  • warm trusting relationships in the team
  • contact between employees and superiors
  • efficient work of staff

When planning an incentive and corporate trip, it is always important to include in the program a day free from work, business meetings, conferences and other office events.

The team building program presented below includes outdoor activities that require little physical training and  time to relax and interact with nature.

Organization of outdoor activities in Armenia for employees is a wise decision. We are confident that everyone will be happy with the time spent. See you in Armenia!

Program of teambuilding in Armenia (4day/ 3 night)

Day 1 - Airport - temple of Garni - Geghard monastery - Welcome dinner

Pagan temple of Garni
Spear Monastery - Geghardavank
Teambuilding in Armenia
Teambuilding in Armenia - Pagan remple of Garni
Teambuilding in Armenia - Master class of lavash baking
Teambuilding in Armenia - Geghard monastery

Arrival and meeting in Zvartnots airport

The tour starts with a visit to the pagan temple of Garni. Garni Temple built in the 1st century by the Armenian King Tiridates I and dedicated to the God of the Sun Areg (Mihr). The temple is at the edge of a triangular cliff, which overlooks the ravine of the Azat River and the Gegham mountains.

Lunch at a restaurant + lavash baking master class. Armenian lavash was included in the UNESCO Intangible Heritage List in 2014.

Next stop is Geghard monastery complex (IV century), which is included in the list of World Cultural Heritage by the UNESCO. Its full name is Geghardavank, literally it is translated as "Monastery of the spear". The name of the monastery complex comes from Christ Spear (Spear of Longinus), which the Roman soldier Longinus thrust in Jesus Christ. The spear is now kept in the treasury of Echmiadzin Cathedral.

Back to Yerevan

Check in / Relaxation

Welcome dinner at the restaurant with tasting of national cuisine.

Day 2 - City Tour in Yerevan - Lake Sevan - Yenokavan village

Sightseeing tour in Yerevan
City tour in Yerevan
City tour in Yerevan
Sightseeing tour in Yerevan
City tour in Yerevan
Trip and rest in Sevan

Breakfast in the hotel

The day starts with a walking trip through the city. Architecture of capital is original and distinctive. Today, Yerevan is a city where there are a variety of architectural styles, with green alleys, numerous fountains. You will be able to see the sights in Yerevan: the square of France, the Opera and Ballet House, Northern Avenue, the Republic Square.

We continue the tour to the pearl of Armenia - blue Sevan. Lake Sevan is a freshwater lake in the Armenian highlands. It is the largest lake in the Caucasus. It is guaranteed to be the largest source of fresh water in the region.

Lunch on the floating restaurant with a walk on the lake

Beach rest + (water activities: scooters, catamarans and etc.

We will also visit the Sevanavank - a monastery in the north-west coast of Lake Sevan. The monastery is located on a peninsula, which was once a small island.

Moving to the Tavush region of Armenia.

Check in hotel

Dinner at a restaurant with tasting of national cuisine

Day 3 - Active teambuilding - trekking in the gorge

Team building - zipline
Active teambuilding - zipline
Active teambuilding - Via ferrata
Active teambuilding - hiking descent to Lastiver gorge
Teambuilding - hiking in Lastiver gorge
Teambuilding - hiking in Lastiver gorge

Breakfast in the hotel

Meet at the starting point


Active teambuilding in extreme park: zipline and via ferrata

Via ferrata - climbing a vertical  path equipped with steel safety ropes and braces - steps.

Zip-line - a descent using the forces of gravity along a steel rope with a lift from the ground, then through the air using a special block devices. Widely applied as adventure or entertainment and thrill.

(Zipline are the descents on steel ropes, stretched between special platforms over the gorge. You will fly along 5 lines: 135m, 268m, 200m, 375m and 750m. The average speed is 5m/s, the height is 200-300m.)

You can also choose from the following activities: panda park (rope park), paintball, paragliding, horse riding.

Dinner at the restaurant

Trekking to Lastiver cave. Lastiver is a cave complex with ancient rock paintings, located in the gorge of Khachaxbyur River, 3 km from Enokavan. The path to the caves lies through a thick and picturesque forest where you will see  many waterfalls and enjoy fresh air and beautiful nature. The amazing bas-reliefs depicted on the walls of the caves are perfectly preserved to the present days. If the weather is good those who wish can swim in Khachaxbyur.

Meet at the starting point

Barbecue cooking master-class dinner outdoors around the campfire

Day 7 - Transfer to airport

Breakfast in the hotel

Transfer to airport

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Team building in Armenia (teambuilding), team building, team building

Armenia is a country to fall in love with!

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• corporate tourism services (conducting team building, organizing an outing party and master classes);
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