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Transfers in Armenia, transport services

Transfers in Armenia, transfers in Georgia

Going on a trip, many people are interested in the opportunity to comfortably get from the airport to the hotel, to see the sights and also  how to navigate in an unfamiliar place. You can use the services of taxi drivers, but at the same time you have to bargain with them. This is where the need for transfers arises.

Transfer is a pre-booked convenient way to travel at fixed prices.

Tour operator "ExploreArmenia" organizes individual and group transfers in Armenia and Georgia which are carried out by qualified drivers in comfortable cars. In fact, this is the same taxi that offers comprehensive services providing city guests with movement to any destination.

The company provides a full range of passenger transport services in Armenia and Georgia for individuals, travel agencies, mice (meeting, incentives, conference and exhibitions) companies.  There are cars of foreign production from economy to executive class, as well as minivans, minibuses and buses of various capacities from 4 to 50 seats.


What is the difference between booking a transfer and a taxi?

Трансферы аэропорт - отель - аэропорт

Transfer is a car reserved especially for you  which does not have to be expected as when ordering a taxi.

When ordering a transfer, you have the opportunity to choose the class and brand of the car  which is not available in a taxi.

The transfer driver will definitely meet you at the appointed place and help you with your luggage.

 The transfer is a little more expensive, but a more comfortable, convenient, reliable and safe way to travel. When ordering a taxi, you pay for the car delivery and the mileage, so you will not always know how much the trip will cost you. When ordering a transfer, the full cost of the trip is immediately negotiated with all the nuances. When ordering a transfer, all responsibility lies with the company, and not with the individual, which gives advantages if problems arise.


Popular transfer routes in Armenia

Airport "Zvartnots" – Yerevan (distance 12 km)

Yerevan – Airport "Shirak" (г.Гюмри) (distance 120 km)

Yerevan – Etchmiadzin (distance 20 km)

Yerevan – Tsaghkadzor (distance 60 km)

Yerevan – Aghveran (distance 56 km)

Yerevan – Hankavan (distance 85 km)

Yerevan – Sevan (distance 70 km)

Yerevan – Dilijan (distance 100 km)

Yerevan – Ijevan (distance 130 km)

Yerevan – Vanadzor (distance 120 km)

Yerevan – Stepanavan (distance 140 km)

Yerevan – border with Georgia (Checkpoint "Bavra") (distance 170 km)

Yerevan – border with Georgia (Checkpoint "Bagratashen") (distance 220 km)

Yerevan – Jermuk (distance 170 km)

Yerevan – Goris (distance 240 km)

Yerevan – Stepanakert (distance 330 km)

Yerevan – Meghri (distance 380 km)

Yerevan – Shota Rustaveli Tbilisi Airport (Georgia) (distance 285 km)

Yerevan – Tbilisi (Georgia) (distance 276 km)

Yerevan – Batumi (Georgia) (distance 650 km)


Popular transfer routes in Georgia

Shota Rustaveli Tbilisi Airport  – Tbilisi  (distance 20 km)

Tbilisi  – Bakuriani (distance 190 km)

Tbilisi  – Batumi (distance 390 km)

Tbilisi  – Borjomi (distance 160 km)

Tbilisi  – Gudauri (distance 125 km)

Tbilisi  – Kvareli (distance 150 km)

Tbilisi  – Kutaisi (distance 250 km)

Tbilisi  – Mestia (distance 462 km)

Tbilisi  – Mtskheta (distance 30 km)

Tbilisi  – Sighnaghi (distance 120 km)

Tbilisi  – Signakhi (Казбеги) (distance 150 km)

Tbilisi  – Telavi (distance 110 km)


Transport services in Armenia


Types of transport:

Cars (1-3 people);

Minivans (4-7 people);

Minibuses (8-20 people);

Buses (25-50 people);


How to book a transfer?

To order a transfer in Armenia, specify in detail the route, the date of the service, the name of the contact person, and the phone number For more information and to book a transfer, you can send a message to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call +37491 01 56 60 (Viber / Watsapp). Managers will contact you, answer all your questions, select the necessary car and calculate the cost of the service. The service is paid in full before the start of the trip.

Our drivers always arrive on time!