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Brief information about Armenia

Brief information about Armenia


Where is Armenia Situated?

Armenia (the official name - The Republic of Armenia), alongside with Iran, China, Greece, Egypt and Japan, belongs to the six ancient countries which has survived thousands of years. Besides Armenia is the first country to adopt Christianity as state religion. It is situated in the west Asia, in the south of Caucasus. It borders with Georgia (the length of the border is 219 km), Azerbayjan (566 km), Iran (44km), Turkey (311 km). 

Armenia is 29.743 square km. The capital city of Armenia is Yerevan. It is 300 square km. The state language is Armenian.

The Republic of Armenia consists of 10 administrative regions (Marzes): Aragatsotn region, Ararat region, Armavir region, Gegharkunik region, Kotayk region, Lori region, Shirak region, Syunik region, Vayots Dzor region, Tavush region. Yerevan is a separate administrative region. The biggest countries of Armenia are Yerevan, Gyumri, Vanadzor, Kapan, Armavir, Gavar, Ejmiatsin, Ijevan, Hrazdan.

The highest mountain peak is Mount Aragats (4094 m). The surface of Lake Sevan is 4.890 square km, the height from the sea level is 1900 m.

Telephone code: +374


State symbols

Armenia flag Armenian gerb


The population

The population is 2.977.000 people (according to the data of 2013).The Republic of Armenia is the only country in the former USSR which has practically monoethnic population (98.6% Armenians). 92.6% of the population belongs to Armenian Apostolic Church. The major national minorities in Armenia are Yezidis, Russians, Assyrians, Greeks, Jews and others.


The Climate

The climate is continental. There exist all the seasons: cold winters and hot summers. In winter the temperature is between -12 and -15C (5-10F), in summer it is +25C (77F) in the mountainous regions, in the valley of Ararat it is about +35-38C (95-100F). Yearly downfalls are between 20-80cm (8-31 inches).


Natural Resources

The Republic of Armenia is a mountainous country and it is rich in various mountainous riches. There are a lot of tufa, marble, travertine, obsidian, pumice and other stones which occupy about 1/3 of the territory of Armenia. It is difficult to find such a region where there is such a variety of precious stones. There are more than 450 different mines on the territory of the country, which produce 60 species of different minerals.

The country is also rich in platinum and gold mines (Zod, Mekhradzor and others), as well as other precious and non-ferrous metals. Ore mines have a special value. Molybdenum mines form 8% of the world supplies.

The territory of Armenia is also famous for a great number of mineral water sources (Djermuk, Dilijan, Bjni, Arzni and others). Many of the sources have healing properties.


National Currency

National Currency is Armenian Dram. 1 Dram equals 100 Luma, though Lumas are not used nowadays.

You can pay only in national currency- armenian dram. There are 1000, 5000, 20000, 50000, 100000 Drams in paper banknotes, as well as 10, 20, 50, 100, 200, 500 Drams in coins.

You can find currency changes at every corner. There you can change US Dollar, Euro, Russian Ruble, Georgian Lari. You needn’t show your passport to change currency. The ATMs are not problems either. You may as well find them at every corner.



Travelling in Armenia is far safer than in many developed European countries. The crime rate is very low in Armenia. The citizens and guests can easily walk in the country at any time of the day feeling absolutely safe. Very few cases of crime do exist. But it can’t be seen by unknown reasons. The citizens and guests always feel absolutely safe.

In case of any emergency situation you can always turn to a policeman or even a passer-by. They will help, explain or even accompany you to the necessary place. The young speak both English and Russian and older generation speaks Russian.



There are places that include the tips in the check- 5-10% on average. Then you needn’t leave a tip. In all other places it is customary to leave 5-10% tip on average.