Armenia is a country
to fall in love with!

Trekking "To the origins of civilization" (7 day)

Walking tour in Armenia. Trekking

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Armenia is an ideal place for active recreation and lovers of trekkings. Trekking in Armenia will amaze you with beautiful mountain landscapes and a large number of historical monuments.

"ExploreArmenia" tour operator offers a walking tour in Armenia, in the least populated region of Armenia - Vayots Dzor. The region is impressive with its unique species of flora and fauna, most of which are listed in the Red Book, unique landscapes and landscapes, extinct craters and picturesque gorges, alpine meadows, and, in general, natural monuments. Here is the deepest cavern of Armenia, Mozrov, the cave of Archer (the longest) and Magel, the cave of the Areni birds, where the ancient winery and the oldest leather shoe, 6 thousand years old, were discovered.

Archaeological excavations showed that the territory of Vayots Dzor was inhabited since ancient times, it was here that daggers, bracelets, rings and other objects belonging to the Bronze Age were discovered. However, you yourself will become familiar with the artifacts during the excursion, as well as with the unique cultural and historical monuments of the region. This is the majestic alpine monastery of Noravank, which, due to its features and combination of different types of art, is considered one of the best and original monuments of Armenian architecture.

During the hike, you will see unique historical monuments of the region: Smbataberd (10-13 century), Tsakhats Kar (10 century), Spitakavor (13th century), Proshaberd (13th century), Berdakar fortress (5th century) and Ketchut (10-13 century), the remains of the ancient settlements of Yeghegis with its ancient Jewish burial, khachkars of the 5-6th century, etc.

Hospitable, open, strong and kind people are the main attraction of Vayots Dzor. Maybe that's why only here in the Caucasus, side by side with people, bezoar goats (which are in danger of extinction and are listed in the International Red Book), live without fear. You can watch them like other animals from the special observation platform of the village of Shatin. You will see different types of fauna of the region at other heights throughout the hike.

Hiking tours in Armenia will allow you to better understand yourself, make new friends and experience all the romance of hiking tourism.

The program of the trekking "To the origins of civilization"

Day 1 - Airport - Yerevan city tour

Yerevan - city tour
walking trip through the city
hiking tour in Armenia

Arrival and meeting in Zvartnots airport

The  tour starts with a walking trip through the city. Architecture of capital is original and distinctive. Today, Yerevan is a city where there are a variety of architectural styles, with green alleys, numerous fountains. You will be able to see the sights in Yerevan: the square of France, the Opera and Ballet House, Northern Avenue, the Republic Square.

We shall then proceed to the Grand Cascade (open-air museum). It is a 500-meter high staircase (522 steps) with fountains and flower beds, as well as an open air museum, which presents about 30 sculptures by famous masters. Inside the complex Cafesjian Center of Arts is located on 5 tiers.

Transfer to the hotel / Check in

Day 2 - Yerevan - Noravank Monastery - Arates Monastery - Hermon Village

Trekking to monastic complex of Noravank
hiking to monastery complex Arates
walking to Hermon

Breakfast in the hotel

Early departure from Yerevan

A small briefing by the instructor guide.

The advancement from the 10th kilometer of the road to the village of Khachik along the mountain plateau towards the monastic complex of Noravank (the length of the hike is about 10 kilometers). Trekking along the gorge, observation of historical and natural monuments, original flora and fauna of the area. Noravank is one of the most beautiful complexes in Armenia. It was founded in the 12th century on the site of ancient buildings and consists of three unique churches - St. Karapet (9-10c), St. Grigor (13c) and St. Astvatsatsin (14c).

Lunch at the restaurant.

Departure along the picturesque canyon to the road and transfer to the Arates gorge.

Further advancement to the half-ruined, but still majestic mountain monastery complex Arates, which is located on the top of a picturesque hill of the tributary of the Yeghegis River. At one time, the complex was a center for copying manuscripts and consisted of three churches - Surb Zion, Surb Karapet and Surb Astvatsatsin, which date back to the 7th-12th centuries and several chapels. The porch of the 13th century is considered to be an amazing monument of the complex.

Check in hotel

Dinner and overnight in the village of Hermon.

Day 3 - Hermon - Yeghegis - Tsahats Kar - Smbataberd - Hermon

Hike to Tsakhats Kar monastery complex (10th century)
Trekking to the unaccessible fortress Smbataberd
Trekking to fortress Smbataberd

Breakfast in the hotel

Departure to Yeghegis

Hike to Tsakhats Kar monastery complex (10th century). Its creation is associated with several battles of the Armenian troops against the invaders of the Sasanian Empire, which took place in Vayots Dzor. The complex consists of several parts. One of the buildings was the Church of the Holy Virgin of the 10th century. Nearby are the main monastic buildings of the complex - the churches of Hovhannes and St. Karapet, decorated with ornaments. In the eastern part rises the original architectural structure - a two-storey tomb - the earliest known similar buildings.

A little rest

Trekking to the unaccessible fortress Smbataberd (5 in) protected from three sides. You can get here only from the north. The defensive complex was built according to all the canons of the construction of medieval fortresses. Its total length is about a kilometer. The fortress is pided into two parts, the north and south. Constructions of barracks, pools, stables and other attributes of fortifications were found here.

Snack on the route

Descent to the village Yeghegis

Further if the weather is good, go to the observation deck of the village of Shatin to observe the Red Book animals.

Dinner and overnight in the village of Hermon.

Day 4 - Hermon - Gladzor - Vernashen - Proshaberd - Spitakavor - Yegheknadzor

medieval university complex Gladzor (13th century)
Proshabird Fortress (13th century)
hike in the mountains to Spitakavor Monastery (13th century)

Breakfast in the hotel

Trip to the village Vernashen in the vicinity of which on the picturesque mountain plateau was the medieval university complex Gladzor (13th century). Contemporaries called him "Second Athens", because students received an outstanding education. A number of Armenian public figures and scholars, including an outstanding architect - miniaturist author and artist-sculptor of the Surb Astvatsatsin Church of the Noravank Monastery - Momik, received education here.

After visiting the University Museum at the St. Hakob Church in the village of Vernashen, we begin a hike in the mountains to Spitakavor Monastery (13th century) and Proshabird Fortress (13th century). The Spitakavor complex consists of a church, a porch, a bell tower and fortress walls around the complex. Its name means "whitish", because the fortress is built of smooth-hewn white felsite.

A little rest. Snack on the route

At a distance of 1-2 kilometers from the complex at the top of the mountain stands the Proshaberd or Boloraberd fortress. The fortress was inaccessible and fell only once. According to legend, here in the mountains, Prince Prosh hid his treasures and special signs remained on the rocks. If interpreted correctly, one can find treasures hidden for centuries.

Dinner and overnight in the city of Yeghegnadzor.

Day 5 - Yeghegnadzor - Gnishik - Mozrov - Areni - Yegheknadzor

Gnishik gorge
Hiking in Armenia
walking tour - Armenia, Vayots dzor

Breakfast in the hotel

Departure towards the village Gnishik.

Extending along the “red” gorge to the Mozrovskaya cave, observing the persity of the flora and fauna of the area. Gnishik gorge is very impressive and full of natural monuments and historical monuments. Along the way you will see the khachkars of the early Christian period and medieval monuments.

Exit to the environments of the deepest cave of Armenia - Mozrov. The cave, though unique, is not fully understood, so it’s best to watch it from the entrance.


Further we will continue the foot way towards the village of Areni. The cave complex is a place of unique archaeological finds from different eras from the 5th century BC. until the 14th century AD, which significantly changed the idea of an ancient man. The artifacts found here are record breakers of antiquity and they are often mentioned in studies of historians around the world.

Near the cave, along with other historical monuments, is another masterpieces of Momik – the church of Surb Astvatsatsin (14th century).

Dinner and overnight in the city of Yeghegnadzor.

Day 6 - Caravanserai - Madina - Noratus - Sevan lake - Sevanavank - Yerevan

Mount Armaghan lake
Sevan lake
Sevanavank - a monastery on the northwest coast of Lake Sevan

Breakfast in the hotel

Moving along the Selim Pass (2500m) to the Caravanserai (14th century), built on the Silk Road for caravans with goods going to Europe and to the East.

Trekking to the extinct crater - Lake Ahmakhan and Vishapakara (Stone Dragons). Observation of numerous natural and historical monuments and original steppe flora and fauna, some species of which are endemic to Armenia.

Departure to Lake Sevan.

Lake Sevan is a freshwater lake of the Armenian Highland, the largest lake in the Caucasus. It is a large guaranteed source of fresh water in the region.

Observation (if desired) of the unique wetland ornithological fauna of the village of Lichk and Seagull Islands, inhabited by an endemic colony of the Armenian gulls.

Visit the open-air museum - an ancient burial with khachkars of the village of Noratus (9-13 century).

Lunch at the restaurant

Visit to Sevanavank - a monastery on the northwest coast of Lake Sevan. The monastery is located on the Sevan peninsula, which was previously a small island.

Return to Yerevan

Check in hotel

Dinner in a restaurant with tasting national dishes

Day 7 - Central Market - Vernissage - Airport

Central market of Yerevan - dried fruits
Vernissage - the market of folk art products
Zvartnots airport

Breakfast in the hotel

Check out

A visit to the central market in YerevanDried fruits - a national treasure and the usual accompaniment to cognac. In Armenia, it seems, they can make them of anything you wish. Including watermelon, cantaloupe and even tomatoes!

Next we visit the Vernissage - the market of folk art products. Here you will find hand-made chess and backgammon made of wood, ceramic pots, made in national style, handmade ornaments, traditional musical instruments, silverware, paintings and many more things.

Transfer to the airport

Armenia is a country to fall in love with!

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