Armenia is a country
to fall in love with!

Tour operator in Armenia - about our company

Dear friends!

Welcome to the site of our project "Tours to Armenia-"

Who are we?

We are Sergey Balayants and Marina Ayunts. We are a married couple and we are going to tell you about our family business. Our project is called "Tours to Armenia-".

Tour operator in Armenia - about our company

How it all started

Homeland is a place where we were born, live, learn and work. There are many people living on the Earth and they are all from different countries. And they all have their own homeland. Our homeland is Armenia. We love our country because we feel comfortable here as well as for its nature and beauty. Armenia is one of the oldest countries in the world which is rich in its ancient and diverse culture, and the Armenian people have always stood out with their warmth and hospitality.

Initially we talked about Armenia, introduced its sights, cultural centers and just beautiful places, treated to delicious food to our relatives and friends from other countries who had come to Armenia for the first time. During the organization of tours in Armenia, we delved into all the details, to cover as many places of interest as possible, and judging by the feedback and memories of our guests we had it pretty well.

Our aim

After deep analyses and thoughts we finally decided to make a courageous step and try ourselves in the sphere of tourism and started our own business. Our aim is to present our wonderful country to our guests, to organize high-quality tours in Armenia for the tourists, regardless the tour prices.

We organize classical tours, wine tours, one-day and multi-days excursions in Yerevan for our guests. Traveling with us through Armenia you will have a chance to see the spectacular sights of Armenia. You will see biblical mount Ararat, Lake Sevan, the History Museum of Armenia, the Genocide Museum, Yerevan Ballet and Opera House, the Monastery of Khor Virap, the Monastery of Geghard, the most ancient winery in the world, the longest passanger ropeway in the world and etc.

There are eight cultural constructions in Armenia that are under the protection of UNESCO: Monastery of Haghpat (X-XIII), Monastery of Sanahin (Х), Edjmiatsin Cathedral (IV), St. Hripsime Church (VII), St. Gayane Church (VII), Zvartnots archeological monument (VII), Monastery of Geghard (IV-XIII), upper reaches of the river Azat.

You will also try dishes of Armenian national cuisine, Armenian brandy, lavash. Tasting the dishes of national cuisine is an inseparable part of any journey. It is VERY IMPORTANT for us that you feel comfortable in Armenia and the food is a vital part of a successful journey.


10 reasons why you should order a tour to Armenia with us:

1. Work experience - initially "tried out" on friends and relatives;

2. An individual approach to each client;

3. High level of service and quality. Our logo is "Relax by your rules" - these not just words. Absolutely all of your wishes will be taken into account;

4. Regardless of the tours presented on the website, we are ready to work with you to plan your own options of tours in Armenia and the places you would like to visit;

5. Our tours are "ALL INCLUSIVE" and you will not need to spend extra money, If only on souvenirs or shopping;

6. A guide in your language;

7. It’s cheap with us, we have the most honest prices! We do not resell tours and excursions. We offer our own tours without intermediaries. Save your money with us!

8. It’s fun with us! We love humor, we can tell you funny stories and jokes and laugh with you!

9. It’s safe with us. Traveling to Armenia is much safer than in many wealthy countries in Europe.

10. It’s always easy to contact us! Any questions or suggestions? Call us: (+374 91) 01 56 60, e-mail us: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or simply send an SMS with the text "I WANT TO ARMENIA" and we will call you back!


Armenia is a fascinating country in terms of its tourism potential. If you choose to travel to Armenia, then "Tours to Armenia -" will do everything possible to meet all your expectations.

As the proverb says: "It is better to see once than hear a hundred times." In order to see and explore Armenia yourselves, you must buy a tour to Armenia and we will show and tell you everything about Armenia with great love.

Armenia is a country to fall in love with!