Garni Temple - Symphony of stones - Geghard monastery


Day tour to Armania - Garni Temple


The daily tour in Armenia we will start with a trip to pagan Garni Temple built in the 1st century by the Armenian King Tiridates I and dedicated to the God of the Sun Mihr. According to the history, this temple was built on the money of the Roman emperor Nero. 9 large steps with a height of 30 centimeters give the majesty and solemnity to the building, built in Hellenistic architectural forms. It’s the only extant monument in the territory of Armenia, related to the era of paganism and Hellenism.

There is an Arabic inscription graved on the wall at the entrance to the sanctuary, informing about the capture of the fortress and the transformation of the temple into a mosque. There is a colonnade of 24 columns (6 columns in the front and back sides of the temple and 8 on the sides) erected on the perimeter of the temple around the sanctuary. In 1679 the temple suffered from a strong earthquake, and during the Soviet power in the 70s it was rebuilt.



Day excursions - Symphony of stones

We will visit the natural monument "Symphony of Stones" or "Basalt Organ". If you look at the gorge from a distance, the rocks seem like a giant organ. An amazing strangeness of basalt columns’ regular forms catches the eye and causes delight. Practically perfect columns look as if they were specially carved by a human hand, and not by nature itself.


Geghard monastery - daily trip

The next halt of our one-day tour is Geghard (IV century) - a monastery complex, entered in the list of World Cultural Heritage by UNESCO. The full name is Geghardavank, literally "spear monastery". The name of the monastery complex comes from the Spear of Christ (Spear of Longinus), which the Roman warrior Longinus drove into Jesus Christ. The spear is now kept in the museum of the Etchmiadzin cathedral.



Duration: 6-7 hours

Price of group and individual excursions

(The price is written on the transportation regardless the number of the participents)


Price without a guide
1-3 pers. 4-6 pers. up to 7 pers.
45 USD
55 USD
on request
Price with a guide
1-3 pers. 4-6 pers. up to 7 pers.
90 USD 100 USD on request
The price does not include:
  • entrance tickets to the historical and cultural centers;
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