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Yerevan Mayor Taron Margaryan’s congratulation on Yerevan’s Day

Yerevan Mayor Taron Margaryan’s congratulation on Yerevan’s DayDear residents of Yerevan,

I want to congratulate you, all of us and generally all Armenians worldwide on the 2797 birthday of our dear capital. Today we can gladly state that our ancient capital which has thousand-year history has become a modern city taking the way of sustainable development which makes progress almost in every sphere of economy.

The changes and development taking place in our capital every day are obvious. They are new ideas and new flights of professional thoughts which are reflected in the implemented programs and measures. Many of them are liked by Yerevanians and later become traditional and annual.

This year “Erebuni-Yerevan” again unites our compatriots in homeland and worldwide becoming a wonderful occasion to strengthen our ties and to feel proud of our capital.

“Erebuni-Yerevan” is the opportunity to fill ourselves with kindness, love and respect for each other, and to convey all this to our beloved capital feeling sure that with loving and caring attitude we will go on making our warm and kind city more prosperous.

Congratulating each other once again, let’s share our warmth and love with one another and say-Happy birthday, my warm and kind city! Happy birthday to you, Yerevan!

Yerevan Mayor

Taron Margaryan