Alphabet’s square - Aragats Mountain (Lake Kari) - Amberd Tower


Daily tour, one day trip: Alphabet’s square - Aragats Mountain (Lake Kari) - Amberd Tower

The Armenian alphabet was created in 405-406 AD by scientist and monk Mesrop Mashtots. The key of the creation was the ancient Armenian language, consisted of 28 letters, which absolutely didn’t correspond to the sounds range of the Armenian language. Mashtots’ alphabet consists of 36 letters. 7 of them transmit vowel sounds, other 29 are consonants. After the 12th two more letters appeared in the alphabet, and in 1940 one more letter was added by merging already existed two letters, but it doesn’t have a capital letter. Scientists call the Armenian alphabet one of three most perfect ones in the world along with Georgian and Korean alphabets.

Mesrop Mashtots was also the creator of the Georgian and Albanian alphabets. The Armenian alphabet has existed almost unchanged over 1600 years. The monument to the Armenian alphabet and its creator Mesrop Mashtots is located in the village of Artashavan on the slope of Mount Aragats.



Kari lake - the slope of mountain Aragats

Lake Kari is alpine lake in Armenia, located on the slopes of Aragats. In winter the lake is mostly covered with snow and ice. It’s situated at an altitude of 3207m above sea level on a plateau under mountain peaks. The coastline’s length is 1150m, the yardage of the mirror is 30.0 hectares and the greatest depth is 8m. The lake has a glacial origin. An asphalt road leads to it from Byurakan. There is a meteorological station on the lake’s eastern coast, founded in 1942 by Alikhanyan brothers (Artem and Abraham).


Amberd Tower

Amberd tower is a historical complex on the slope of Aragats, consisted of the 7th century’s castle and the 11th century’s church. It is located at an altitude of 2300m above sea level. The tower was built on a promontory, surrounded with gorges from 3 sides. It is assumed that the castle was founded by Kamsarakan princes, and then it passed in the possessions of Armenian commander Vahram Pahlavuni. Later it was bought by Armenian rulers from the Bagratuni dynasty, who turned the castle into the main outpost of their kingdom. The church in it was built in 1026.



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