Armenia is a country
to fall in love with!

UAE tourists interested in Armenia

Tours to ArmeniaTourists from the United Arab Emirates are looking for new routes, including Georgia and Armenia.

According to the local travel agents, many tourist are eager to explore new destinations without breaking the ban, The Gulf News reported.

Tours to Armenia

New-age travellers are not as interested in the tried and tested sun, sea and sand holidays like their previous generations. They are spending less time in major gateway cities and are instead exploring more remote destinations, staying in hostels or boutiques instead of luxury hotels and choosing cheaper modes of transport to travel.

Wine torus to Armenia

Some of the destinations that are hugely popular among UAE travellers these days include Georgia, Armenia, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia and Maldives.

Armenia – extreme tours

HolidayMe has compiled a list of examples of vacation destinations that promise to offer budget-friendly prices, among them Armenia (around $410), Georgia and Azerbaijan.