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"The Heart of the Caucasus" - Vlogger Eva zu Beck releases video about Armenia

“The Heart of the Caucasus” - Vlogger Eva zu Beck releases video about Armenia"5 Reasons Why You Should Visit Armenia Right Now": travel filmmaker, vlogger Eva zu Beck, who has many followers in social networks, released a video about Armenia. "The Heart of the Caucasus", this is how the vlogger describes Armenia. She starts her video from Yerevan. “The number one reason why you should visit Armenia is its capital, Yerevan”, she says, adding that the city also holds some surprises.

The video also shows the Cascade with its interesting places from where an amazing view opens for people. "There is the Soviet past, there is the Christian heritage and remnants of Islamic history. On top on all of this, it’s a pretty hip and happening spot with new bars and restaurants opening up on the regular", she says while touring Yerevan.

Eva zu Beck also tells about the Armenian market, highlighting sujuk, dried fruits and fruits. The vlogger is impressed with the people’s hospitality who offer to taste the Armenian goods.

Introducing the Armenian churches and their history, the vlogger says Armenia was the very first country to adopt Christianity as its state religion. The author also talks about the Armenian wine culture.

Coming to the traditional dishes, she says: “Armenian food is a mash up of influence from across the region. I really love the Armenian food”. In the video Eva zu Beck also touches upon Armenia’s amazing nature, forests and landscape with its whole beauty.