Cheap trip - Holidays in Armenia (5 day/4 nights)

 Holidays in Armenia (5 days/4 night)


Since nobody wants to spend his weekends at home, we offer you to spend your holidays in Armenia. Here you will spend a wonderful time and at the same time celebrate holidays, and hospitable local people will fill your days with warmth and positive.

Spending holidays in Armenia is the best option if you want to make it unforgettable. In addition to an interesting amusement program we have the affordable prices. We shaped the route so that you can see all the interesting places for a short time. The program of the holidays in Armenia will give you the opportunity to learn the culture of this country closer, participate in various ceremonies and fully feel the colorfulness of the Armenian way of lif


We draw your attention to the fact that everything that is described in the tour program is included in the

The program of the holidays in Armenia (5 days/4 night)

Day 1 - Yerevan - Garni - Geghard - Yerevan

Museum of History of Yerevan temple of Garni Gegard monastery complex (IV century)

After breakfast, we go on an excursion in the Museum of History of Yerevan, which is located in the building of City Hall. The museum's collection consists of more than 87 thousand exhibits. The main exhibit is a copy of the cuneiform stone from the fortress of Erebuni, which states that in 782 BC the king of Urartu Argishti I founded a fortress city here.

Afterwards we visit the pagan temple of Garni, built in the I century by Armenian king Trdat I and dedicated to the god of sun Mihr. According to history, the temple was built on the money of the Roman Emperor Nero. Azat River Gorge is famous for its basaltic pillars - the result of a volcanic lava flow.

Afterwards we visit the natural monument "Symphony of Stones" or "Basalt Organ". If you look at the valley from a distance, the rocks look like a giant organ. Amazingly strange correct forms of basalt columns catches the eye and causes great delight.

Next stop is Gegard monastery complex (IV century), which is included in the list of World Cultural Heritage by the UNESCO. Its full name is Gegardavank, literally it is translated as "Monastery of the spear." The name of the monastery complex comes from Christ Spear (Spear of Longinus), which the Roman soldier Longinus thrust in Jesus Christ. The spear is now kept in the museum of Echmiadzin Cathedral.

Back to Yerevan.


Day 2 - Yerevan - Sevan - Dilijan - Haghartsin - Goshavanq - Yerevan

pearl of Armenia - blue Sevan Haghartsin Monastery Goshavank - monastery complex

After breakfast, we continue the tour to the pearl of Armenia - blue Sevan. Lake Sevan is a freshwater lake in the Armenian highlands. It is the largest lake in the Caucasus. It is guaranteed to be the largest source of fresh water in the region. We will also visit the Sevanavanq - a monastery in the north-west coast of Lake Sevan. The monastery is located on a peninsula, which was once a small island.

We continue our tour to Tavush region of Armenia – to a small town of Dilijan, located on the picturesque banks of the river Aghstev.

The next stop will be Haghartsin Monastery, which was built in the X-XIII centuries, mostly under the auspices of the Bagratuni Dynasty. We will also visit Goshavank - monastery complex, built in XII-XIII centuries in the village of Gosh in Armenia. Goshavank is  the cultural, educational and religious center of medieval Armenia. The sources referred to it as a seminary, university, and so on.

Return to Yerevan.


Day 3 - Yerevan - Khor Virap - Noravanq - Yerevan

Armenian monastery of Khor Virap Noravank monastery complex Пещера птиц Армения

After breakfast, we go to the Armenian monastery of Khor Virap, situated at the foot of Mount Ararat, near the border with Turkey. It is a place of pilgrimage, which is connected with the legend of Gregory the Illuminator (Grigor the Illuminator). According to church tradition, Gregory was imprisoned on the orders of King Trdat III, caught in that he professes Christianity, and was held there for 13years. Those interested can go down to the prison, which has a depth of 6 m and a diameter of 4.4 m.

Right in front of you, very, very close and in all its beauty you will see the symbol of Armenia - Mount Ararat.

Then we continue our way to the village of Areni in Vayots Dzor region of Armenia. We visit the "Cave of the birds", where the oldest winery in the world and the world's oldest shoe, which was more than 5500 years old, were found. Village of Areni is famous for its wines till now. Every year in October the annual festival of wines takes place there.

After we go Noravank monastery complex, built in XIII-XIV centuries, which is located  1.5 kilometers east to the village of Areni. The complex is located on a narrow ledge winding gorge tributary of the Arpa River. The gorge is famous for its steep red cliffs, towering behind the monastery.

Return to Yerevan.


Day 4 - A walk in Yerevan - City tour

Большой Каскад Театр Оперы и балета Yerevan Brandy Factory

The tour in Armenia will start with a sightseeing tour in Yerevan. After breakfast we visit the Institute of Ancient Manuscripts named after St. Mesrop Mashtots. The most ancient manuscripts are dated back to the 5th century BC and are associated with Mesrop Mashtots, who invented the Armenian alphabet.

We shall then proceed to the Cascade. It is a 500-meter high staircase (522 steps) with fountains and flower beds, as well as an open air museum, which presents about 30 sculptures by famous masters. Inside the complex Cafesjian Center of Arts is located on 5 tiers.
We visit the Tsitsernakaberd memorial complex, dedicated to the victims of the Armenian Genocide of 1915, and the Genocide Museum.
We continue our tour in Armenia and visit Yerevan Brandy Factory, where we have a fascinating tour with tasting of 2 types of brandies (a three-year "Ararat" and a ten-year "Akhtamar").

Day 5 - The Republic Square - Echmiadzin - Zvartnots

Площадь знаменита своей монументальной архитектурой  Эчмиадзинский кафедральный собор   Храм Звартноц

After breakfast, we visit the center of Yerevan – the Republic Square. The area is famous for its monumental architecture in a deeply traditional style. All the buildings on the Republic Square are made of tufa, and the lower parts are made of basalt. Building facades are faced with felsic tuff of white and pink colors.

Here is the country's main museum - the Museum of History of Armenia. The museum has collected about 400,000 exhibits. The museum exposition is divided into several departments: archaeological, ethnographic, numismatic department, historic architecture department, and the Department of Modern and Contemporary history of Armenia.

Next we visit the St. Echmiadzin - the center of the Armenian Gregorian Church, where the residence of the Catholicos is located. We will visit Echmiadzin Cathedral (301-483 AD), which is included in the UNESCO World Heritage list, the museum and the treasury of Echmiadzin, which houses the Spear of Longinus (Spear of Destiny, Spear of Christ), a part of Noah's Ark, the patella John Baptist,etc.

We visit the ruins of Zvartnots temple, which was destroyed in the earthquake. In 2000, the ruins of the temple and the archaeological area around it are included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Return to the hotel, check out from the hotel and transfer to the airport.

Armenia is a country to fall in love with!



The time and the order of the excursions declared in the program are subject to change. The excursion program of the first and the last days will depend on your arrival and departure time, and the days of the week. Please note that Monday is a day off in Armenia's museums.
Tour price includes:
  • airport-hotel-airport transfers;
  • accommodation in a 3 * hotel with breakfast
  • comfortable transport service;
  • accompanying guide service throughout the tour;
  • entrance tickets to the historical and cultural centers;
  • tasting of Armenian Brandy (Cognac);
  • 2 bottles of spring water in the transportation;
  • tourist support service over the phone.


Tour price does not include:

  • airline tickets;
  • an entry visa (if required);
  • alcoholic beverages (other than those specified in the tour program);
  • medical insurance.



  • If you wish you can choose any other hotel in Armenia. Also possible to stay at a hostel or private flat (you should arrange that with the manager). The price of the tour will be reconsidered.
  • children under 5 years old - free;
  • children from 6 to 10 years - 50% discount when placed on extra bed.


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