Extreme – Hiking (climbing) mount Aragats with an overnight stay in tents


Extreme – Hiking (climbing) mount Aragats with an overnight stay in tents

Days are gone, when a mountain hiking was given to specially trained people. If you are interested in an active recreation and travel to beautiful places and want to test your strength in the mountains, so this tour is just for you.

We offer to your attention a fascinating journey through Armenia with hiking (climbing) Mount Aragats and overnight stays in tents. During a 5-day hiking, you will be accompanied by an experienced mountaineering instructor, who will give you advice about the preparations before the hike.

The mountain tour “Hiking (climbing) Mount Aragats” is an amazing combination of freedom of movement, physical activity and the opportunity to feel like a pioneer!

The four-headed volcano Aragats (4090 m) is a peak not only in Armenia, but also in the whole Caucasus. This is a very ancient volcano; its age is 60 million years. Mount Aragats attracts as professional climbers, as fans of mountaineering.  Fortunately, all its four peaks have a different category of complexity. Experienced climbers prefer to climb the Northern (4090 m), the Western (4000 m) and the Eastern (3916 m) peaks. Those who want to hike easier, climb the lowest, the Southern (3879 m) peak with pleasure.


We draw your attention to the fact, that the hike to the Southern peak of Aragats does not require special mountaineering skills, but the minimum physical training is. The time of the tour is from July to mid-September.ExploreArmenia.am

The program of the “Hiking (climbing) Mount Aragats with an overnight stay in tents” tour (5 days)


Day 1 - Airport – City Tour in Yerevan

Grand Cascade Opera and Ballet theatre Republic Square - tours in Armenia

The excursion begins with a tour in the city. The architecture of Yerevan is original and distinctive. Today Yerevan is a city, where you can see different architectural styles with green alleys and numerous fountains. You will get acquainted with the sights of Yerevan: the Erebuni Fortress, Victory Park, the Cascade (an open air museum), French Square, the Opera and Ballet Theater, Northern Avenue and Republic Square.

Day 2 - Yerevan – Saghmosavank Monastery – Amberd Fortress – Kari Lich Lake

  Saghmosavank monastery Amberd fortress (Cloud Fortress, VII-XIII century) Lake Kari

The day begins with a visit to the Saghmosavank monastery (XII-XIII cc.). It is located on the right bank of the picturesque gorge of the Kasakh River, which is opposite Mount Arailer (2600 m). The monastery gives you an opportunity to feel the whole power and antiquity of Armenian architecture.

Next stop is near the Alphabet Square. It is a monument to the Armenian alphabet, which consists of 39 letters. There are also the monuments to Mesrop Mashtots and his students.

Then we have a trip by car to the crossroads of Orgov village. A hike to the fortress Amberd (3 km, 1.5 h), which is located on the southern slope of Aragats, at an altitude of 2300 m above sea level, waits you from there. The complex consists of a 7th century castle and a 11th century church, and is erected on a headland surrounded by gorges from 3 sides.


Further we will drive to Kari Lich Lake (Stone Lake). Lake Kari is an alpine lake in Armenia, situated on the slopes of Mount Aragats. The lake is mostly covered with snow and ice in winter. It is located at an altitude of 3207 m above sea level on a plateau, under the mountain peaks. The length of the coastline is 1150 m, the area of the mirror is 30.0 hectares, and the greatest depth is 8 m. The lake has a glacial origin. There is a meteorological station on the eastern shore of the lake, founded in 1942 by Alikhanyan brothers (Artem Alikhanyan and Abraham Alikhanyan).

Setting up the camp, a walk around the neighborhood.

Dinner and overnight in tents.

Day 3 - Hiking to the Southern Peak of Aragats Mountain

Гора Арагац Гора Арагац Гора Арагац

After breakfast in the camp we will start the hiking to the southern peak of Aragats (3879 m). The distance is 8 km, the rise in 3 hours, and the descent in 1.5 hours. You will be accompanied by a guide-mountaineer and physician-climber.

Lunch at the top.

Descent to the camp.

Dinner and overnight in tents.


Day 4 - The village of Byurakan – Oshakan – Yerevan

Обсерватория имени Амбарцумяна - Бюракан Астрофизическая Бюраканская обсерватория Село Ошакан - мощи Месропа Маштоца

After breakfast we will drive to Byurakan village and visit the famous Byurakan Observatory. The Astrophysical Observatory was founded in 1946 by academician Viktor Hambartsumyan.

Then we will have a trip through the city of Ashtarak to the village of Oshakan and visit the crypt with the relics of the Creator of Armenian alphabet (405) St. Mesrop Mashtots.


Return to Yerevan.

Farewell dinner.

Overnight at the hotel.


Day 5 - Yerevan -  Transfer to the airport

Вернисаж - рынок изделий народного творчества Вернисаж - рынок изделий народного творчества Вернисаж - рынок изделий народного творчества

Visit Vernissage – the market of folk art. Here you will find hand-made chess and backgammon from wood, ceramics made in the national style, handmade jewelry, traditional musical instruments, silverware, paintings and much more.

Transfer to the airport.


Armenia is a country to fall in love with!


The time and the order of the excursions declared in the program are subject to change. The excursion program of the first and the last days will depend on your arrival and departure time, and the days of the week. Please note that Monday is a day off in Armenia's museums.

Tour price includes:
  • airport-hotel-airport transfers;
  • breakfast, lunch and dinner according to the program;
  • comfortable transport services;
  • the accompanying guide service (in your language) throughout the tour;
  • a 24-hour support for tourists by phone.


Tour price does not include:

  • airline tickets;
  • an entry visa (if required);
  • alcoholic beverages;
  • medical insurance.


Necessary equipment:

  • jacket with a hood;
  • pullover;
  • trekking boots or sneakers;
  • a sufficient number of socks;
  • gloves (for Aragats);
  • ski hat and cap;
  • personal hygiene items;
  • tight trousers (jeans);
  • sun glasses, protection from ultraviolet;
  • a small backpack for hiking;
  • medicines for personal use;


Prices on tour “Hiking (climbing) Mount Aragats with an overnight stay in tents” (price per person)

2 people 4 people
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8 people 10 people 10 people or more
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